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Addiction is a state characterized by a compulsion to continually engage in a substance or behavior despite the existence of adverse consequences. At Drug Treatment Centers Bronx, we treat a wide range of substance abuse and dependence problems, including prescription drug abuse, alcohol dependence, and illicit drug addiction. We offer programs based on the specific needs of each patient, with different treatment modalities to treat their specific illness. Bronx Drug Treatment Centers, we offer detoxification and medication treatment regimens to treat physical addiction, with behavioral therapy and aftercare programs also in place to manage the long-term psychological effects of drug dependence. To find out more about the rehab programs and services offered at our drug treatment centers, call us at 212-202-5656.

Different Types of Drug Dependence

Addictive drugs alter neuroplasticity in the brain, causing a range of adverse physical, psychological and social consequences. Some drugs cause physical addiction as the body adjusts to continual drug use, by incorporating the substance into “normal” functioning. Other drugs have more of a psychological impact due to learned behavior patterns and changes in reward pathways. Along with their physical and psychological effects, drug addictions may also be characterized according to their legal status. Prescription drug dependence refers to the misuse and over use of legal medications, with illicit drug addictions involving a range of street drugs used for recreational purposes.

Secondary Addictions and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

People suffering from drug dependence may also be suffering from a range of co-occurring disorders, with secondary substance addictions and dual diagnosis scenarios both possible. The interplay between substance abuse and mental health can be complex and hard to define, with medical staff having to evaluate patients for mental illnesses before starting treatment. Links between depression disorders and substance addiction are common, as are links between anxiety disorders and addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction. Secondary addictions and dual diagnosis treatments involve primary, sequential, parallel, and integrated programs, with rehab centers either treating each condition separately or managing both in an integrated fashion.

Signs of Dependence and Widthdrwls

The signs of drug addiction are highly dependent on the drug in question, with depressants and stimulants having a very different effect on users. There are some common signs to look out for, however, including changes in behavior, changes in sleeping patterns and mood swings. If you or anyone you know is suffering from substance dependence, it’s important to reach out to a specialized drug and alcohol treatment center. From the early stages of intervention and medical detoxification to the later stages of therapy and aftercare treatment, Drug Treatment Centers Bronx can deal with all aspects of drug addiction before they get out of hand.

Residential vs. Outpatient Treatment

Residential treatment involves staying in a facility for a prolonged period of time in order to receive intensive therapy. These full-service facilities offer everything from medical drug detox to group therapy and counseling. Residential treatment is highly effective, particularly in the early stages of recovery.

Outpatient treatment involves all of the same things that residential treatment involves with the exception that the patient leaves the treatment facility to return home or to go to work. Outpatient treatment is best-suited to maintenance of abstinence and to people who are dedicated to their treatment.

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