Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Bronx

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Bronx

One of the most dangerous risks to an unborn child is to the exposure to drugs and alcohol while in utero. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), occurs when drinks are consumed by the mother on a regular basis or binge drinking occurs during a pregnancy. This is a condition that researchers have found affects approximately .2% in 1000 births, however, researchers have also identified the FAS condition in school age children in as many as 10 to 20 out of 1000 children studied.
Conducting research on this condition can be difficult to obtain. Traditional research cannot be conducted due to the proven risk to the unborn child. Likewise, obtaining a consensus would be difficult as mothers’ who do choose to drink are less likely to be honest due to embarrassment or guilt. The effects of fetal alcohol syndrome can vary depending on the level of consumption. The more alcohol that is consumed translates to a higher risk of negative effects to the unborn child. Children born with fetal alcohol syndrome can have any combination of physical, mental and emotional disorders.

Fetal alcohol syndrome can be broken down into two subcategories. Alcohol Related Birth Defects (ARBD) which is the most common cause of retardation due to alcohol abuse during pregnancy is the first. This category can be defined as the malformation of the skeletal system and any defects to major organs within the brain and the nervous system. Some of the physical symptoms are excessively thin lips, a short nose, smaller than normal head, small or slow growth after birth. Some of these physical characteristics may lesson as the child grows. The child may also suffer from deformities of fingers or joints, vision issues and problems with the heart or kidneys. In addition, there could be evidence that the individual has symptoms such as poor coordination, trouble with attention span, and difficulty with reasoning and problem solving. There are many facets to alcohol birth defects and the full effects are still unknown.

The second category is called alcohol related neurodevelopment disorder (ARND), which describes the mental and behavioral symptoms associated with fetal alcohol syndrome. This can include problems staying on task, poor social skills, behavioral problems, anxiety and a long list of others. The effects of fetal alcohol syndrome are irreversible and many individuals who are affected can go undiagnosed. Those suffering with any form of this condition may have a hard time dealing with their daily lives. This is evident as research has revealed that children born from addictive parents have a predisposition to become alcoholics or suffer from some form of drug abuse.

As deadly as fetal alcohol syndrome can be, it is also completely avoidable. Many doctors advise against alcohol consumption or to limit the amount of drinks during the first trimester. However, as there are risks at any stage, the best way to avoid any exposure to fetal alcohol syndrome is to avoid alcohol all together.
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