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Alcohol Treatment Centers Bronx (212) 202-5656

No one understands the courage it takes to enter a treatment program for alcoholism more than the staff at Alcohol Treatment Centers Bronx. We understand because many of us have been in the same situation and have taken the step that every alcoholic must take to stop compulsive drinking. This put us in a unique position to empathize with the commitment and efforts that it takes to achieve full recovery. Alcohol Treatment Centers plan Recovery Programs that directly address the unique circumstances that those with an alcohol dependence face in general. In addition, we customize treatment programs that are based on results of the individual’s physical and psychological evaluation which is conducted at intake.

At Alcohol Treatment Centers we stay on the cutting edge of approved and tested scientific addiction interventions to offer the highest quality and most innovative treatment for our patients. Alcohol Treatment Centers Bronx is a fully licensed and accredited treatment facility with the gold seal standard of approval for our superior treatment services and state of the art facility.

Getting Help

Many individuals who are already dependent on alcohol do not believe that they need to enter a treatment program to control their drinking habits. Some believe that treatment is only for those alcoholics who are so far gone that only rehab will help. This is a misconception about alcohol abuse because it is a progressive condition that must be addressed early before it segues into full blow alcoholism. Since drinking is a social activity in our society it is sometimes difficult to accept when drinking patterns have evolved. It is also not easy for loved ones who are aware of this evolution to confront the individual about their drinking habits. However, by gradually increasing the amount of alcohol that is consumed, tolerance levels will build until a dependency has developed. If this process goes unchecked, the next level is alcoholism.
If you are concerned about your risk of alcohol dependency or addiction for yourself or a loved one it may be helpful to understand the signs of abuse that signal the need for treatment.


  1. It takes more drinks than usual for you to become inebriated.
  2. You habitually drink above safe levels at social events.
  3. Indulging in unsafe behavior such as driving while intoxicated.
  4. You find yourself consuming alcoholic beverages even when you are alone.
  5. You take a drink whenever you feel upset or under stress
  6. Drinking has caused you to neglecting important responsibilities on more than one occasion.
  7. You consume both drugs and alcohol alternatively.
  8. You have tried to stop drinking but you experience severe cravings or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
  9. You continue to drink despite the problems it is causing in your significant relationship.
  10. Your drinking has increased to the level where you feel you need alcohol to function.


If you recognize yourself or a loved one in any of the preceding drinking patterns it may be time to seek help. However, it is important that people who habitually drink do not try to stop drinking without assistance. Alcohol withdrawals are among the most dangerous symptoms with a history of fatalities. For this reason most physicians will recommend that alcohol withdrawal occurs under medical supervision.
At Alcohol Treatment Centers we provide a safe environment and around the clock medical monitoring of patients seeking to stop habitual use of alcohol. Because alcohol withdrawal present a unique set of health risks, a medical detox is the safest alternative to going “cold turkey” or trying to do it alone. Withdrawal symptoms can progress from mild to severe rapidly and lead to life-threatening complications. About 5% of alcoholics will experience a series of symptoms known as delirium tremens that are particularly dangerous. Our goal is to help patients to complete the alcohol detoxification process without relapsing or dying in the process. Afterward we provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program that help individuals to understand their unique triggers and equip them with the tools and techniques to overcome alcoholism as well as prevent a relapse in the future.

About Bronx

Bronx is the last of 62 counties in the New York State to be incorporated. It is located primarily on the mainland north of Manhattan. The land area is comprised of approximately 57 square miles and boast a population at least 1.44 million people. Although the city is mostly densely populated, about a quarter of the Bronx is open space consisting of areas like the Woodlawn Cemetery, New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx Zoo and Van Cortland and Pelham Bay Parks. The Bronx has also been undergoing various revitalization programs which began with the city’s ten year housing plan. These efforts undertaken by community leaders hope to rebuild the social, economic and environmental infrastructures by creating affordable housing for its residents. In 1997 the city received the All American City designation by the National Civic League that acknowledged the city’s restoration efforts.

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